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  • Date:
  • February 2018
  • Tasks:
  • Website design, graphic design, database and advanced search, 360° photography
  • Services:
  • Development, hosting


Do you know the Abenaki Museum? Founded in 1965 by members of the Abenaki community and housed in the former Catholic school in Odanak, on the banks of the Saint-François River, it is the first Aboriginal museum in Quebec. Through this virtual tour of part of our collections, explore in multiple ways the rich and authentic material heritage of this First Nation that has been present on the territory for millennia!

The Museum’s mission is to initiate and develop a viable and constructive dialogue between Wabanaki culture and community members, as well as between Aboriginal culture and visitors. As such, the Museum promotes the cultural development of the Wabanaki Nation and the conservation of its traditions. In doing so, the Museum’s mission places at the heart of its responsibilities to ensure the conservation and transmission to future generations of the knowledge, know-how and traditions of the Wabanaki Nation.


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